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  • How do I secure my order?
    Once you have received a quote, we will issue with an invoice. To secure your order you must pay the deposit which is 30% of your total order in the next 3 business days from when the invoice was issued. The remaining balance is due 5 business days before the event. If we do not receive your deposit in the three business days your order will be cancelled.
  • Is delivery + GST included in the hire price?
    No, the hire price of the props doesn’t include delivery + GST.
  • Is there a minimum order?
    Yes we do have a minimum hire order which is $150.00 excluding delivery fees + GST. If located outside of the 50km radius of Shepparton our minimum hire is $200.00 excluding delivery fees + GST.
  • Do you offer pick up?
    Due to majority of our items being quite heavy + fragile we don’t offer our clients to pick up any items.
  • What happens if I need to cancel my event?
    We understand that sometimes our clients may need to cancel their events and we ask that you email us as soon as possible to let us know. However, by cancelling your event you are forfeiting your deposit as this will cover our administration costs and because we held these items for you making it unavailable to other clients.
  • What if my venue or event time has changed?
    Please notify us of these changes as soon as possible because we agreed on the original event details, we may no longer be able to service your event due to it not being able to fit into our delivery schedule. By changing from the original details, this may result in a forfeit of deposit if we no longer can accomodate your job.
  • What happens if the items don’t fit in the venue (function room, staircase, elevator, etc)?"
    It is the clients responsibility to check all measurements of the props to make sure they will fit in the venue. If the props don’t fit in the venue the client will not be refunded any money.
  • How do I pay the invoice?
    We only accept payments via a direct bank transfer. All our bank account details + reference number will be located at the bottom of the invoice.
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